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Legend Shipping Service makes the most far away places seem close.

Legend Shipping Service offers a wide variety of shipping services to individuals and businesses. By providing the best service in the industry, we’re helping make freight forwarding easy for you, making destinations seem that much closer. Legend Shipping Service offers a variety of services to individuals and businesses. With our solutions for all shipping requirements, focus on service and experience, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

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Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in the international transportation and logistics fields. We are all committed to constant growth by always keeping up to date with latest training and information available in our industry, in order to offer the best freight shipping solutions to our customers. At Legend Shipping Service we understand the importance of team work, and we are very proud that each one of our associates offers significant contributions to the continuous success of our company.


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We are a fast-growing business only network. Where other networks fail to deliver, we succeed. 
Our succes comes from having a professional trustworthy memberbase, two annual summits, our hands on approach, our applications and our experience to forge lifelong business relations inside our network. And not to forget, we do it a ridiculously low annual fee compared to other networks!